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Firing Pin, Post 1986 Marlin

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Firing Pin, Post 1986 Marlin.

Top Rated Supplier of Firearm Reloading Equipment, Supplies, and Tools - Colt

Product Description

FITS: 15YS, .22; 17V, .17 Mag; 25 - Common Parts, .22; 2000L, .22 LR; 81TS, .22 LR; 880SQ, .22 LR; 882, .22 Mag; 882L, .22 Mag; 83TS, .22 Mag; 883, .22 Mag

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:621
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:625
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:629
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:630


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